USPS Exemption Approved!


New federal regulations were implemented in 2021 that included all vapor products under the PACT act. Because of this, the United States Postal Service discontinued most vapor product shipments.

Global Source Distribution has been very diligent and obtained an exemption with USPS for business-to-business shipping. In order to remain compliant with the USPS exemption, allowing you to legally receive USPS shipments, we need to acquire your Tobacco and/or Vapor Licenses and your Sales & Use/Tax Licenses for each vapor-related business you operate.

  1. We will only be able to ship to the addresses listed on your licenses. If your business moves to a new location we will require updated licensing with the new address for submittal to the USPS.
  2. Multiple business locations will require a license and address for each location.
  3. Each license must be current and not expired.

For examples of the required state licenses to be uploaded, please click here to see the PACT act example documents provided for each state. If you require any assistance with your documents or submissions, please contact your Global Source Distribution sales representative who will be happy to assist. To avoid any delays in shipping or deadlines, please submit your documents as soon as possible. Please click here for more PACT act information.

Once all your documents and addresses are verified and up to date in our system, USPS shipping will be available at checkout. For security purposes, you cannot delete or modify the addresses attached to your account; please contact us or your Global Source Distribution sales representative to make changes if needed.