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Ashley Hartman

Sales Director | Email:

Office: 633-0004 Ext 1183

“Where do I begin, I enjoy relaxing with my family, traveling, spending time on the lake and being outdoors.  I’ve been with Global Source Distribution since day 1, and have been involved in this industry for going on 8 years.   Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with  many of our awesome customers. The best parts of the job are  seeing the success of our customers and the great employees. GSD is truly a brother and sisterhood and without all our amazing customers we would not be here today.

Taylor Gonzalez

Senior Account Executive | Email:

Office: 515-633-0004 Ext: 1181
Cell: 515-953-9155

“My favorite thing to do during my spare time is hang with my dogchild (JUDGE), DJ and enjoy time with family. Prior to joining Global Source Distribution, I started my career in the vape industry in 2012. I  worked my way up to managing multiple vape stores. When I found out about Global Source Distribution, I found myself excited for a new challenge with the opportunity to see the vape industry in a whole new light. I began working for Global Source Distribution in 2015. I love what I do and thrive off our customers success.”

Bailey Smith

Lead Account Executive | Email:

Office: 633-0004 Ext 1186
Cell: 515-720-7632

“My idea of fun is exploring the outdoors or spending time with my (3) cats. I came to Global Source Distribution from managing one of our local stores. I wear many hats at Global Source Distribution, literally and figuratively.  I quit smoking thanks to vaping and have been passionate about helping others do the same ever since. It is my goal to assist you in finding the best products for your customers and I’m always excited to answer any questions you may have.”

Allen Ung

Account Executive | Email:

Office: 515-633-0004 Ext: 1182
Cell: 515-556-2842

“During my free time, I am spending time with my family of (3) boys,(2) girls and my beautiful wife. I’ve been in the vape industry for 8 years. Prior to joining Global Source Distribution’s team, I was a former shop owner. So with that said, I take into consideration what a customer truly needs. I am here to help you build your business, be successful, and answer any questions that you may have. Give me a ring or two, anytime!”

James Krogh

Warehouse Manager | Email:

Office: 515-633-0004

“While at work you would hear me listening to anything from rock to hip hop! In my free time I enjoy fishing, hitting the off-road trails, shooting, and playing sports. I’ve been with Global Source Distribution since day 1, roughly 5 years ago and have been involved in this industry for going on 8 years. I manage the warehouse department and work in the purchasing division. One of the best parts of the job is working within a family owned and operated business where we are all treated as one big family.”

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