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Pennsylvania Department Of Revenue – Tobacco License

We are happy to announce Global Source Distribution has an officially license for vape stores in Pennsylvania.  All shops in PA looking for a new vape distributor, please look to Global Source Distribution.  We can fulfill all your vape stores needs the proper way.  It is important to know, we will collect the 40% tax upfront and submit the tax directly to the PA Department Of Revenue on the 20th of every month.  The only items taxed at 40% at this time are kits.  All other vapor products are taxed normal.  Please see below a breakdown directly from Joseph Salvo, Special Investigator in PA.  

What is Taxable in PA:

If a vape store in PA purchases a kit from Global Source Distribution and it is ready to operate-it is taxable at the 40%.

If all the parts that make up the device are sold together in one package it is referred to as a “kit” and is taxable. If you purchase individual parts separately and put them together, the “parts” are not taxable. Example: Tanks, Batteries, Mod Only, E-liquid, Accessories are NOT taxed at 40% 

Said By: JOSEPH J. SALVO | Special Investigator II

PA Department of Revenue | Bureau of Criminal Tax Investigations | Phone: 570.614.0146 | Fax: 570.963.3387

If you have any additional questions that we at Global Source Distribution can answer, please contact us directly by calling 515-633-0004.