The Happy Can Seltzer

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Flavor: Black Cherry
Flavor: Tropical Strawberry
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Get ready to ride the wave of flavor with The Happy Cans Tropical Strawberry THC Infused Seltzer—a sparkling adventure in every sip! Imagine lounging on a sunny day, feeling the cool breeze as you pop open a can of this delightful seltzer. The first taste whisks you away to a tropical paradise where juicy strawberries mingle with hints of exotic island fruits, creating a symphony of sweet, tangy, and refreshingly bubbly goodness.

This isn’t just any seltzer; it’s a fizzy fiesta in a can, infused with just the right amount of THC to elevate your experience to a whole new level of chill. With zero calories, zero sugar, and zero alcohol, you can sip without a second thought—just pure tropical bliss, minus any of the guilt.

Perfect for poolside lounging, backyard barbecues, or simply making any day feel like a vacation, The Happy Cans Tropical Strawberry is your passport to a worry-free escape. Pop the top, let the bubbles tickle your taste buds, and dive into a world of carefree, sun-soaked fun. Cheers to living your best life, one fizzy, tropical sip at a time! Cheers to sipping into happiness.

Introducing The Happy Cans Black Cherry THC Infused Seltzer—a bubbly burst of joy in every can! Picture this: you crack open the can and a wave of juicy black cherry goodness rushes to greet you. It’s like a cherry orchard threw a party and invited all the fizzy friends! Each sip is a delightful dance of rich cherry flavor and sparkling seltzer magic, with just a hint of herbal bliss from the THC infusion to keep the good vibes rolling.

No calories, no sugar, and absolutely no regrets—just pure, unadulterated fun in liquid form. Whether you’re chilling at the beach, kicking back at a BBQ, or just looking to add a splash of excitement to your day, The Happy Cans has got you covered. It’s the carefree cherry-on-top to your perfect moment, ready to refresh and uplift whenever you need it. Cheers to good times, great flavors, and happy, happy vibes!

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Weight 56 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 6.25 in

Black Cherry, Sample Can, Tropical Strawberry