Back 9 Botanicals Hemp Golf Gummies 10 Pack Display Box

Sold by the box. Each box contains 10 packs. Each pack contains 5 gummies.

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Flavor: Birdie Balance
Flavor: Midnight Mulligan
Flavor: Tee Time Sunrise
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Whether you seek relaxation, energy, or tranquility, Back 9 Botanicals has the perfect companion for your golfing adventure. Join us on the fairway and discover the tee-to-green benefits that redefine the game.

Birdie Balance: Achieve the perfect golfing equilibrium with Birdie Balance. This Anytime Cannabinoid Blend harmoniously blends 14mg of d9 THC for a subtle calming effect, 1mg of THCP for balance, and 15mg of CBG acting as your personal swing coach. Enjoy the benefits of relaxation, composure, and controlled focus, enhancing your golf game from the first tee to the final putt. (14mg d9 THC, 1mg THCP, 15mg CBG)

Midnight Mulligan: Wrap up your golf day with Midnight Mulligan. This Calming Cannabinoid Blend combines 10mg of d9 THC for tension release, 10mg of CBN to usher you into serenity, and 10mg of CBD for a calming embrace. Enjoy the benefits of a tranquil evening, winding down from the back nine or seeking a peaceful night’s sleep after a day on the course. (10mg d9 THC, 10mg CBN, 10mg CBD)

Tee Time Sunrise: Embrace the sunrise on the fairway with Tee Time Sunrise. This Energy Cannabinoid Blend features 13mg of d8 THC for a gentle boost, 2mg of THCV for added vigor, and 15mg of CBG to keep you in the zone. Experience heightened energy, focus, and the perfect drive off the tee, making every swing a powerful and dynamic part of your golfing experience. (13mg d8 THC, 2mg THCV, 15mg CBG)

Sold by the box. Each box contains 10 packs. Each pack contains 5 gummies.

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Birdie Balance, Midnight Mulligan, Tee Time Sunrise